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Our Artistic Director, Nafeesa Monroe, talks

Classics in Color Theatre Company.



"Quick Silver Theater Company, in a co-production with Classics in Color, is staging a multi-ethnic revival of David Auburn’s 2000 Pulitzer prize-winning play Proof at the 4th Street Theatre (through September 13). The newly minted troupe’s mission is to “broaden the diversity of the theatergoing audience.” If this production is an indication of what is to come, the company is off to a smashing start.Proof revolves around the clashing daughters of Robert, a renowned mathematician who has recently died. The man had been suffering for years from debilitating mental issues: his best work had been done decades before his death. His live-in daughter, Catherine, seems to have inherited not only his psychological problems…but also his genius. She claims to have worked out a high-level mathematical problem — the solution is ground-breaking. But where’s the proof?This production has a strong ensemble cast, lead by Lolita Foster (Orange is the New Black) as Catherine, and co-producer Nafeesa Monroe as the sister. Don’t pass up this chance to watch an interesting group lift off the ground and start to fly."

Interviews with the artists in PROOF

Lolita Foster plays "Catherine"

Alejandro Rodriguez plays "Hal"

Count Stovall plays "Robert"

Nafeesa Monroe plays "Claire"

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