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Classics by all the people, for all the people.


Classics in Color is a theatre company committed to inclusion, on stage and off, especially in the classics. We choose to demonstrate, and be the model for, ethnic, gender, age, & physically challenged inclusivity. Through our work we hope to demystify the classics and create accessible theatre to which we all can relate. We want all people to be able to see a version of themselves on stage, to feel included. We are bringing Shakespeare and the classics back to the people.


Mission Statement:

Classics in Color focuses on producing vibrantly and inclusively cast classic works for the stage, expanding the perception of classical theatre. As a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-abled ensemble, Classics in Color embraces the theatre of inclusion, on stage and off, opening up and extending the understanding of classic tales, tales of the human experiences that touch us all: the depth of despair, the sensation of success, the heart-driven love, the beauty of forgiveness, and the need to belong. Classically trained actors of all colors and backgrounds grace our stage with power and insight under the guidance of world class theatre artists from around the country. Classics in Color: classics by all the people, for all the people.

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